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A very important step in becoming a safety conscious citizen at the wheel is the learning process obtained in driver training.


Therefore we recommend that you make sure that the contract you sign for this driver training is done at a driving school recognized by the Driving School Association of Quebec.


The DSAQ has the role of assuring the consumer that the quality of the theoretical and practical programme delivered is respected.  A progressive learning process contributes to improving behaviour in all road users.


In choosing a driving school, certain criteria are the keys to a successful learning experience:

·        The school posts a valid certificate from the DSAQ (AECQ).

·        The school is located at a convenient area for you.

·        Opening hours are visibly posted.

·        The locale is clean and presentable.

·        The personnel are polite and helpful.

·        The price of the course reflects the services offered.

·        A vehicle for your driving exam is offered (fees may apply).

·        The vehicles used at the school are plated “F”, are equipped with a roof sign stating ‘Auto École’ or other similar markings, show the name of the school and have a valid inspection sticker from a mandated vehicle inspection center.

·         The teaching staff is qualified (have their monitor’s or instructor’s permit).

·        The books offered by the school meet the SAAQ requirements.

·        The individual’s in-car sessions, exceptionally, will be given by the same teacher to provide the best follow up possible.



The price of the driving course will vary from one school to another.  It is important to know the total price at the start so as to avoid any misunderstanding.  Each school has a different operating method but you must take note that there could be charges for the re-opening of an expired file, books, failed exams, missing a theory or driving lesson or for the use of a vehicle for your driving test at one of the SAAQ service centers.  It is important to know that any official documents needed at the SAAQ service centers which are provided by the driving school are free of charge as long as all contractual obligations have been met according to the consumer protection act.

The RSE (ESR) driving program is innovative and complex requiring quality teaching from qualified teachers.  Dedicated monitors and instructors are a valued asset and are remunerated as such.  It is therefore recommended that consumers make an educated choice with regards to the price of a driving course.


Payment Options

Payment options are indicated in the regulations of the consumer protection act.  If a conflict occurs, communicate with the DSAQ (AECQ).

Generally, most schools will offer a payment plan that is flexible.  It is to be noted that by the consumer protection act a school cannot demand full payment in one instalment.  It is always wise to ask for a receipt which shows your payment as well as the school’s GST and PST (taxes) numbers.



In the province of Quebec, there are independent schools, schools affiliated to a recognized group and franchised schools.  The DSAQ (AECQ) recognizes accredited schools.  Their accreditation can be verified on the websites of the organizations mentioned under “links”.  All member schools of the DSAQ (AECQ) are accredited.


The School’s Civil Responsibility

§  Collision insurance as well as civil responsibility insurance.

§  A legal bond is obligatory to protect the consumer.

§  The school must respect the consumer protection act.



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